Strengths, Philosophy and Fiduciary Responsibility to Our Clients

Our firm has over 30 years of experience advising personal, corporate and 401(k) clients. As a fiduciary, we put the client's interests first. Because our firm does not take custody of client assets, your investments are safely held in accounts with the employer and/or an independent, non-affiliated national discount broker with SIPC and additional insurance coverage. The custodian also provides daily account access online and sends monthly statements and confirmations itemizing all account transactions.

We have aligned our interests directly with our clients. While some financial advisors are paid to sell a product or generate transactions, FEIS is focused solely on providing the best advice to our clients. We accept no fees or commissions from brokerage firms or mutual fund companies in exchange for recommendations and only use securities that have no loads. We utilize custodians who charge very low trading fees. We have no annual account fees or any other hidden charges.

  • We are paid one way– by our clients who pay a fee based on assets under management.
  • We personally invest our own assets in the same strategies and investment portfolios as our clients.
  • We believe in transparency and clarity in the investment process.
  • We are committed to sound business practices and pride ourselves on an unwavering commitment to integrity, stability, long-term relationships, and the highest standards of service and performance.
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Client Goals and Objectives

Most of our clients want to:

  • Make finances and investments easier to understand and manage.
  • Invest wisely with less risk.
  • Enhance and protect wealth.
  • Increase after-tax cash flow. Make smart choices to eliminate the need to work into retirement.
  • Reduce taxes through wise tax management.
  • Plan for a secure, active and enjoyable retirement.